The Planning Process

Task 2: Analysis

  • Choice market study
  • Choice employment and economic development plan
  • Partnership building with local employers
  • Analysis of comprehensive needs assessment
  • Community outreach - focus groups on major needs assessment issues

Task 3: Community Visioning

  • Community Organization - Citizen Task Forces

  • Develop Neighborhood Green and Sustainable Design Framework

Task 4: Framework

  • Basis of design document – architecture and urban design

  • Conceptual framework plans – Housing, People, Neighborhood

  • Cradle to College Education Plan

  • Healthy Meriden Plan

  • Capacity building - resident role and participation in plan implementation 

Task 5: Draft Transformation Plan

  • Draft Housing, Neighborhood, and People Plans

  • Refine consensus recommendations for Draft Housing, Neighborhood, and People Plans

  • Develop and Submit Final Plan Report

Task 6: Steps for Implementation

  • Final Financing Plan

  • Final Resident Relocation Plan

  • Leveraging Resources for Priority Implementation Items

  • Phasing, Land Use Approvals, and Implementation Schedule