Meriden Choice Neighborhood

The City of Meriden is transitioning from a post-industrial, working class community burdened with brownfields, underutilized commercial properties and an aging housing stock into a modern mid-sized city with a vital city center. Developing a Transformation Plan for redevelopment of the Mills Memorial public housing project and the Meriden central business district (Target Neighborhood) is critical to this transformation. Together with other initiatives already underway in Meriden, including the Meriden Family Zone (MFZ) Promise Neighborhood, HUB Park, the Transit Oriented Development District master plan, the NHHS High-Speed and Intercity rail project, and the data driven “hot spot” and crime reduction strategies identified in the Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation grant application, Meriden is ready to transform its city center into a Choice Neighborhood. 

The Meriden Choice Neighborhood planning initiative encompasses three core goals:

Neighborhood Goal

  • Transform downtown Meriden into a vibrant neighborhood where people desire to live, work, shop and play while also being economically and environmentally sustainable and socially equitable

People Goal

  • Support every family in the Choice-Promise Neighborhood so that every child reaches his highest potential, every family has access to high quality city and neighborhood services and assets, every adult is given the opportunity to be gainfully employed, and every person is healthy in body and mind

Housing Goal

  • Create a vibrant TOD development in Downtown Meriden
  • Stabilize residential neighborhoods in the periphery